Birmingham Stove & Range #5

Cleaned and restored No. 5 Red Mountain series skillet made by the Birmingham Stove & Range Co in Birmingham, Alabama, between 1930s-1950s. It has an inset heat ring and is hand marked “5 CZ”on the bottom. It measures approximately 1 7/8″ tall, 8 3/4″ wide across the pouring spouts, and 12 1/2 long from outer handle to outer edge. It sits flat with no signs of warping or spinning, there are some casting imperfections on the upper inside and outside wall as pictured. The cooking surface is smooth with normal signs of use but no major pitting or damage. Overall this a great example of a BSR Red Mountain skillet that has been cleaned, and heat-seasoned with vegetable and canola oils, ready for years of use or display!